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The sexy fun black

Have you ever asked yourself a question of how to play around with your man, but outside of the bedroom? Johanne, from Black Escorts of mastered this art almost perfectly, and now she would share her tips and experience.

Self-confidence. You should surround yourself with the aura of sensuality and sexuality, because that is what men actually like about women. Learn to love yourself! Adoring yourself will most likely attract those who are near. No kind of clothes, make-up or beautiful breasts will not attract a man, if you don’t have your self-confidence. I could happen, then when you are well-dressed and prepared for meeting a man of your dreams, no one notices you, but when you run out to the store for a cat food – in jeans, shales, disheveled, and men can’t take their eyes from you. If you feel your inner beauty, the opposite sex will not remain indifferent. And it is easy: a little more joy in your eyes and a healthy lifestyle!

Another way to have fun outside of bedroom, according to Johanne from Black Escorts, is to know how to talk. Men cannot tolerate chatty women: they evoke a feeling of irritation. Therefore, become an attentive listener rather than an active storyteller. Never criticize a man! Build your talk in such a way, that the man would need to talk about himself. But do not overplay, and do not confuse praise with flattery. The feeling of self-satisfaction, the satisfaction of the conversation will cause a whole range of positive emotions, which he would bind it with you.

The next tip from Johanne at Black Escorts is a s whoense of humor. Men like women who have a sense of humor and know how to have fun outside the bedroom. They are bored with very serious women, so men often prefer to spend time in the company of men, which usually is more fun and cheerful. Men need laughter, so treat yourself a little bit easier. Laughing and fooling around, they relieve emotional stress.

If a woman is able to play on contrasts: the strong, the weak; something playful, something thoughtful; if she cares about herself, is interested in sex, confident in its irresistible – she would always able to attract a man. She could invent the scenery, change roles – suddenly become cold, and then again turn the attention to a man …. Remember: never think about how to please a man or the future husband. Do not be intrusive. Do not “dissolve” in the man completely. Remember: a man is a hunter. The golden rule of Johanne from Black Escorts : “I know that I am attractive, and no man will cause me to change my mind”

Gestures and postures. Men usually like:

When you look at him with admiring eyes.

The habit of painting your lips when you are with him, the habit of drawing attention to the feet, throwing off your shoe, sit cross-legged.

Shaking hair – one of the best sign to attract the attention of men. Hair is a very powerful sexual stimuli.

Touch. Reach for him “accidentally”. The beauty is in innocent touches. However, they manage to turn his imagination, make him think of a more gentle touch, conscious caresses. Touch has a very strong impact, sexy woman use it with maximum efficiency. You can touch the hands of men, touch him, while exchanging objects – pens or glasses.…